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About Us


We see the bigger picture.


Road Runner Co. is passionate about cannabis and inspires to elevate the industry.  Our mission is to always provide the best quality cannabis and top notch service while giving opportunities to people of color to be apart of the cannabis industry. As a non-profit founded by young African Americans we support other organizations that want to see more people of color having equity in the cannabis industry. We are heavily affected by the war on drugs but have less than 1% ownership in the legal industry.

We catalyze the community’s existing capacity to help each other rise to the next level of socioeconomic access in the cannabis industry.




Fast, quality, discrete.




The founders of Road Runner Collective are all young African Americans from the Bay Area who have been effected by the war on drugs. Seeing these after effects of this war and how it has scorned the African American community the founders are using the opportunity of the "green rush" to help bring jobs to low income communities.  African Americans were the majority of arrest for cannabis in the United States but most will miss out on the legalization of cannabis.  The founders want to show that African Americans can excel in this industry.